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Pest Control for Businesses

Our experts are ready to customize a professional approach that will meet all your residential
pest control 1 or commercial pest control needs 2 . With eco-friendly options 3 from a local family
that cares about their community, the Central Coast Termite & Pest Control team is ready to
address any issues you may be having with termites, rodents, bed bugs, fleas, ants, brown
widow spiders, earwigs, spiders along with any other insects.

Termite Control


Offering both inspection and plans of attack, our commercial pest control utilizes similar methods to residential that exterminates termites within your commercial building. Infestations destroy the wood supporting your building and can even move along to your furniture, floors, and ceilings. Armed with baits, traps, and sprays, our experts can guarantee the safety and satisfaction of the treatment that comes with commercial termite control.

Termite Control FAQ

How much damage can termites cause?

While there is no damage stats on businesses, it can be safe to say that they cost more in damage compared to a residential home due to a company’s building size. Other factors and such as location and accessibility can raise the costs of treatment. Termites affect about 600,000 homes and about $5 billion total per year. Damage to commercial buildings can be extremely detrimental for a business.

Where do termites live?

There are three main types of termites: subterranean, dampwood, or drywood, each living in different places. Subterranean termites live in mud tubes under the ground. Dampwood termites in moist, wet wood (such as a fallen log), and drywood in decayed or non-decayed wood, meaning that they are especially attracted to attics, wood framing, doors, and furniture.

How do termites get into my building?

Subterranean termites navigate through mud tubes, small tunnels that are used to get from one place to another to find their next wooden meal. Drywood termites involve swarmers, finding new food sources as they look to make a new colony. This is especially apparent in non-screened vents, cracked window frames, and infested wood or furniture taken from the outside and brought inside. Dampwood termites are not as common as they require lots of moisture. However, they can still be present through water leaks or bringing in damp wood or mulch.

Rodent Control


Suspecting rodents in your commercial building? Call us to eradicate the mice, rats, and more to keep your business comfortable and safe. Our professional exterminators determine what type of rodents you have, lure them from hard to reach places, and use the best traps and poisons that remove them for good. Save your business the headache of unwanted pests and give us a call today!

Rodent Control FAQ

Do I have a mouse problem or a rat problem?

The easiest way to tell is from their feces. Rats have larger feces, about 3/4th inch long with pointed or rounded ends, while mice have feces about 1/4th inch long with pointed ends.

Are there rat poisons that lure the rat outside to die?

No. Poisons will kill the rodent, but we still recommend traps to know the location of death, giving quick accessibility to the animal before decaying odors become apparent.

How long will it take to remove rats in my building?

Depending on the size of the infestation, it can take a great deal of time (greater than two weeks) to completely eradicate the problem. Smaller problems can take as little as 1-2 weeks.

Bed Bug Removal


At Central Coast Termite & Pest Control, our solution to remove bed bugs is simple: we eliminate bed bugs so your business can have peace of mind. Our experts’ experience in eliminating bed bugs contains a professional, sensitive, and careful approach. Whether your business includes pregnancy concerns, pets, children, or individuals with pesticide allergies, we are prepared to create a custom-made plan to work with you and your customer's safety.

Bed Bug Removal FAQ

What can our company do to prevent bed bug infestations?

Because employees are coming from many different locations, they need to be attentive to where they have been and periodically inspect their belongings to see if they have had any bed bugs travel along with them. Additionally, the office space needs attention as well, as they can hide in small crevices throughout the building. Bringing in second-hand office furniture can be a cause for concern if not looked at closely. If there is a problem or suspect a problem, contact one of our experts for a treatment plan.

Do bed bugs spread sickness?

It is not common, but their bites can cause victims to scratch their wounds, causing infection.

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