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Rodent Control Services

Our rodent control services are crucial for you, your family, or your company’s safety. They can carry diseases, fleas, release toxic droppings, and can bite, giving us reason to recommend that you let our professionals handle your rodent problem. The most common rodents include rats mice, possums, and gophers, each of which have customized solutions to be dealt with. We offer both indoor and outdoor solutions to your problem.

Indoor Mice & Rat Removal

Spot a rodent in your home? Call Central Coast Termite & Pest Control immediately! Rats and mice can contaminate and deplete food stores and should be dealt with as soon as possible. As a locally owned and operated company, our experts are skilled at handling just about any pest quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Save your family the headache and let the experts take care of your rodent problem!

Mice & Rat Control FAQ

How do I know if I have a rodent infestation?

Other than spotting a mice or rat in your home, there are plenty of other signs that can tell you that a rodent infestation may be building:

  • Excreted rodent droppings - ¼ or ⅛ inch with pointed end or ends
  • Gnawed holes in stored foods, piled papers, insulation, etc.
  • Food scraps or wrappings left behind
  • Nesting material such as shredded paper, fabric, or dried plant matter
  • How do rodents get in my house?

    Mice and rodents can find their way into your home through holes and gaps as small as ¼ inch. Mice can also jump 13 inches high and run along wires, cables, and ropes.

    Outdoor Possum, Gopher Mice & Rat Removal

    Outside rodents can be detrimental to your yard, and a common way to find if a rodent has been around is by their droppings. Alongside their feces and urine, they can feed on seeds and grains, and cause points of contamination. With Possums, Gophers, Mice and rats, we can take prevention methods such as suggesting changes to landscape, or extinguish a problem with use of baits and traps. As with any rodent, we do not recommend self-treatment, as they can be harmful.

    Outdoor Rodent Control FAQ

    What works as bait for mice and rats?

    For mice and rats, peanut butter and chocolate are good choices as opposed to cheese, which is not very effective. For greater success, strategically placing the bate on the trigger to where they exert most of the weight will prove to be the most beneficial to your problem. Poisons are less recommended for odor and safety reasons.

    Do I have a mouse problem or a rat problem?

    The easiest way to tell is from their feces. Rats have larger feces, about 3/4th inch long with pointed or rounded ends, while mice have feces about 1/4th inch long with pointed ends.

    Are there rat poisons that lure the rat outside to die?

    No. Poisons will kill the rodent, but we still recommend traps to know the location of death, giving quick accessibility to the animal before decaying odors become apparent.

    How long will it take to remove rats in my building?

    Depending on the size of the infestation, it can take a great deal of time (greater than two weeks) to completely eradicate the problem. Smaller problems can take as little as 1-2 weeks.

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