Eco-Friendly Pest Control & Pet Safe Alternatives

march 2021

Eco-Friendly Pest Control & Pet Safe Alternatives

Providing eco-friendly and pet-safe solutions to pest extermination is something that Central Coast Termite strives for every day. Being green and keeping our pets and family healthy is what we’re all about!

That being said, we hope you consider the environmental and health benefits that come with choosing eco-friendly pest solutions.

Better & More Long-Term Results
Eco-friendly pest control methods are just as effective as traditional techniques. In fact, they can even have better long-term results.

Won't Harm Useful Insects or Your Pets!
Eco-friendly pest control methods are specifically targeted to avoid killing off every living organism, so the insects that are beneficial to your property won't be killed. This is especially important for your pets.

Won’t Damage Landscaping
Traditional pest control methods require re-application about every month. Repeatedly spraying these harsh chemicals on your property can cause grass, bushes, and other plants to die and can make re-growth more difficult.

No Strong Smell
Eco-friendly methods do not have a harsh smell like conventional products and will not linger or spread in your home after application.


At Central Coast Termite, we believe in eco-friendly options that protect you, your family, and your animals. Our green chemicals are safe, long-lasting alternatives that are perfect for your pest control needs! Give us a call today at (805) 710-1871 .