The Difference Between Bed Bug Bites vs. Mosquito Bites

march 2021

The Difference Between Bed Bug Bites vs. Mosquito Bites

Bed Bugs Leave A Trail
Mosquito and bed bug bites are very similar. If you aren't sure what type of bites you are getting it is important to look for evidence of the pest in your home. Take some time to search your bedding for bed bug feces and eggs in the crevices of your mattress to know if bed bugs are your problem.

The Pattern of The Bite
Bites from bed bugs tend to align with the edge of a sheet or where your body meets the mattress, usually showing up on the body in a line or row. Mosquito bites on the other hand are often random and isolated. Mosquitoes also don't bite through clothing, only bed bugs will crawl under clothes to bite.

Reaction Time
Mosquito bites are instantly visible and immediately begin to itch these bites typically reduce to a red bump in a day or so. Just about everyone reacts to a mosquito bite, but some people don’t have reactions to bed bug bites at all. Additionally, bed bug bites can take minutes, hours or even days to show up. The flat, red welts generally won't itch at first, but will with time.

The best way to determine whether or not bed bugs or mosquitos are present in your home is to call an expert. A professional termite and pest control company, like Central Coast Termite & Pest, can help determine whether or not these pests are infesting your home, and can help to eliminate them if they are!


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