Rodent Control: Here’s What You Should Know About Rodenticides

dec 2020

Rodent Control: Here’s What You Should Know About Rodenticides

Up until January 2020, pest companies could use second-generation rodenticides which were fast-acting. As of Jan 2021, they will no longer be able to use these rodenticides to exterminate the rats and mice that may be around your home.

What does this mean for you?
The second-generation rodenticides were the fastest acting means of exterminating the rat and mouse population in suburbs and near homes that pest control companies were licensed to use.

With the change in moving away from these, it may take longer for the extermination to complete its cycle. Expect to see your pest control company more times than previously to check up on the boxes and their substances. The rodents will need to ingest more of the product in order to be exterminated.

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