What is An Exclusion Service?

sept 2020

What is An Exclusion Service?

Exclusion Service is a long-term method to help keep rodents and other pests from entering a building. Small holes and cracks can be just enough room for a pest to enter a building so it is important that these are not overlooked when dealing with a pest infestation.

What happens during an Exclusion Service?

Inspection: Thoroughly inspect the building for vulnerable areas such as holes, cracks, or any gaps near the building where pests have access to food, water, and shelter.

Identification: Locate areas of entry such as windows, doors, vents, pipes, and cracks as well as areas that may get overlooked.

Maintenance: Seal any and all gaps and crevices that could be a possible point of entry for pests and place bait stations around the building.


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